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Small Air Cooled Ductless Heat Pump Chillers

chiller heat pump outdoor unit   celing mount fan coil unit for chiller low wall or floor mount chiller fan coil unit
Floor fan coil unit with feet, for chiller heat pump
high wall chiller fan coil for ductless minisplit chiller

CX30 2.5 / 2.0 Ton self-contained R410a chiller heat pump.

IPLV Cooling COP 5.15
EER 17.59 Cap. 19,484 BTU

NPLV Cooling COP 5.64
EER 19.27 Cap. 23,054 BTU

NPLV Heating COP 5.97
Cap. 30,538 BTU


Supports up to 7 indoor units per system.

Five sizes of indoor units range from 2,600 BTU to 11,500 BTU for use in ductless or mini-split chiller configuration with no lineset limits. The CX30 also works with solar or hydronic floor heat, boilers, or central HVAC design. Stackable up to 10 units.

FREE WATER  HEATING!   Get up to 70% of your annual water heating energy for free.

heat pump chiller controller main screen- psychrologix

Dynamic Humidity Control

Psychrologix™ controller actively manages humidity and continuously optimizes efficiency to achieve EER 19.6 and higher. Controller dynamically manages compressor speed, pump speed, loop temperature, and Includes several additional automated and programmable features.  Patent pending. See Details

Ultra-Efficient R410a Reverse Cycle Air Cooled Chiller w/ DC Inverter Compressor, DC Inverter Pump & DC Inverter Fan Coils. MODBUS capable.

Ductless, Ducted/Central, or Hydronic Compatibility. Ductless Configuration Eliminates Duct Loss and Duct Work Cost. Stackable to 4, 6, 8 Tons. Sealed, Self-Contained Outdoor Unit. No Lineset Limits, Low Cost Installation.

Save 70% on your annual water heating costs. Let the Chiltrix chiller built-in water heating function be your primary source of hot water and get a discount of 70% or more on water heating costs.

The Chiltrix small air cooled chiller uses a variable speed DC-Inverter compressor that reduces the CX30 heating or cooling output by reducing its speed at times when full capacity is not needed. As the compressor speed decreases, so does the compressor’s energy use. When measured on an annual basis, the average energy savings produced by the variable capacity compressor alone reflects up to 30-40 percent savings.

We also use a variable speed (VSD) pump for the hydronic loop circulation. When full water flow is not needed due to off-peak capacity requirements, the water pump slows down and uses less energy. The variable speed pump and variable speed compressor work in tandem with a microcontroller using a special algorithm to keep the compressor and pump both working at the optimum speed. This allows the two primary consumers of electrical power within the chiller to operate at the lowest power level required to meet the current load. Dynamically controlling the water pump speed and compressor speed independently of each other helps us to achieve the highest levels of performance. In addition, Chiltrix offers DC-Inverter indoor fan coil units further reducing electrical power consumption (along with lower sound levels).

Working together, the variable speed compressor, variable speed pump, and variable speed indoor units all operate at the most efficient level of power consumption possible to meet the demand. From 25% to 100%, the CX30 is always exactly the right size for the job. Under varying real-world conditions the CX30 chiller can efficiently operate at the capacity needed and can achieve up to 40-50% electrical savings each year compared to a standard chiller or air conditioner.

Save Even More!  Use the Psychrologix™ psychrometric chiller controller to dynamically manage humidity and automatically adjust the parameters of the chiller in realtime, for an off-the-charts increase in efficiency when dehumidification is not needed. DHC (Dynamic Humidity Control) can automatically lower the indoor unit coil temperatures to quickly remove any humidity increase. When humidity is within acceptable limits, the system will dynamically reconfigure itself to the most efficient possible operating parameters allowing the chiller to run well above its rated efficiency. The Psychrologix™ chiller control option also adds a wide range of programmable and automated features in addition to DHC. Manages up to three chillers. See the full Psychrologix™ chiller control details here.

The Chiltrix air cooled chiller can also connect to a hot water tank and provide domestic hot water, summer or winter. Save up to 70% or more each year on your water heating costs using our high efficiency heat pump to heat your water. Requires a heat exchanger tank (or a solar tank).


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Extreme Energy Efficiency that Pays for Itself Quickly

Chiller heating and cooling is inherently more efficient, and lower electricity costs are one reason why chillers are used in all large buildings.

But, small chillers have historically been unable to provide a strong ROI due to high equipment costs and unrealized efficiency potential.

Not any more. Meet the Chiltrix modular chiller family where we have chillers as small as 2 tons, with a IPLV cooling COP above 5 and NPLV heating COP of nearly 6. Installed system costs are about the same as a regular air conditioner.

Save 40% or more on utility costs. The CX30 can run on less energy than a SEER 30 system. And you can save even more when you use the CX30 for water heating.

This is not your daddy's chiller. See what's different:

Old news: Chillers are only for large systems of 30 tons or more. Chiltrix chillers start at 2/2.5 tons. And they are variable capacity, so they can run as low as half-ton at times when that's all that is needed.

Old news: Chillers are expensive to buy. An installed Chiltrix air cooled chiller system costs no more than a standard AC system.

Old news: Chillers only provide cooling, you need a boiler for heat. Chiltrix chillers are reverse cycle chillers (heat pumps) and can provide heat down to -14F (-25C) They can also connect to an existing boiler system and serve as a lower cost primary heat source.

Old news: Chillers cannot quickly switch between heat/cool modes.
The CX30 can switch modes within
15 minutes.

Old news: Chillers require a cooling tower & have maintenance issues. Our chiller is air cooled, it uses no cooling tower, and is a sealed, maintenance free system.

Common Misconception: Chillers consume water. Chiltrix chillers don't consume any water. Water is only used on the distribution loop. Cooling is performed by a R410a compressor.