Chiller FCU Fan Coil Unit w/ WiFi Control

WiFi Controlled FCUs

Introducing the Chiltrix WiFi option for CXI-series FCUs (Fan Coil Units). Optional WiFi control may be added to any CXI FCU.

The CXI and CXI-WiFi fan coil units are designed to work with Chiltrix ultra-efficient small air-to-water chillers, however these chilled water FCUs can be used for heating or cooling with nearly any chiller or hydronic heating system, or added to a radiant heating system.

Our WiFi APP allows the user to program various scheduled functions and have full remote control of the FCU(s) via iPhone or Android smartphone. Web browser access will be available in the future.

The WiFi remote control option is reverse-compatible with all prior Chiltrix CXI chiller fan coil units.

An *Enterprise* version coming soon will be perfect for hotels or other facilities needing central control over dozens or hundreds of fan coil units, and can also be used with our DC inverter PTACs and PTHPs (PTAC heat pumps).

  wifi controller fro FCUs, chiller FCU remote controller

Control Your CXI Chiller Fan Coil Units
- each with their own custom settings

Free APP available through Apple Store or Google Play

7-Day Programmable Features

Automatically turn off when you leave your home & automatically resume operation as you return (Requires Smartphone with GPS)

From $59 per unit.

Designed for Chiltrix air-to-water chiller heat pumps, the CXI Fan Coil Units can be used with or without WiFi control, and are compatible with any brand of chiller, hydronic, or radiant heating / cooling system fan coil unit requirements.

diagram of chiller fan coil control
Access and control with your phone - from home, work, or anywhere.

Secure Remote Control

Amazon AWS Cloud IoT Service

Access From Anywhere

FREE iPhone/Android APP


images of iphone controlling air conditioner heat pump fan coil units

The WiFi remote control fan coil option will be connected inside each FCU by your installer.  Installation is simple, or contact us if you need the WiFi units pre-installed in your FCUs (extra cost will apply).

Smartphone Requirements:

android version requirements apple ios version requirement


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Chiller FCO wifi control icon

Optional Programmable WiFi
FCU Controller is compatible w/ all
CXI-series DC Motor FCU Fan Coil Units

(5) Five Sizes Available
from 1/4 ton to 1-1/4 ton

See All FCUs & FCU Technical Info Here

Low-Mid Wall FCU

wall mount chiller fan coil ultra thin

Super quiet DC motor low wall or floor fan coil unit above can be configured for WiFi control. Shown with leg kit below.

Floor - Free Standing FCU

floor standing chiller fan coil unit


Ceiling Mount FCU

ceiling mounted fan coil unit

Chiltrix DC-Inverter Ultra-Thin CXI-series FCUs are built for universal mounting.

These WiFi-capable DC motor fan coil units can mount on the ceiling, wall, or floor. All FCU control functions can be managed remotely using a free smartphone APP.