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Chiltrix Inc., manufacturers ultra-efficient chiller heat pumps which are available through various solar and HVAC dealers and distributors including HotSpot Energy.

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The Chiltrix heat pump chiller manufacturing team has rich experience in HVAC and solar energy engineering, having sucessfully developed and manufactured various DC-Inverter air conditioners, all-DC air conditioners, solar powered air conditioners and heat pumps, DC Inverter PTAC units (NEW Q1 2016), DC Inverter portable air conditioners, and various refrigeration heat recovery and water heating products. Chiltrix is an affiliate of HotSpot Energy and Climax Air.

The Chiltrix heat pump chiller is certified under UL 60335-2-40 and CSA 22.2 and is AHRI-Certified.

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Our accomplished and continuing mission is to build low cost highly reliable ultra high efficiency chiller heat pumps that save money and pay for themselves quickly.


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