Heat Exchanger Tanks
Stainless Hydronic Tanks For Domestic Water Heating

Solar-style tanks with coil heat exchangers can be used for domestic water heating with Chiltrix hydronic heat pumps. Contact us for pricing or see the price list on our documents page.

A unique feature of the Chiltrix reverse cycle chiller (also known as a heat pump chiller or hydronic heat pump) is domestic hot water heating.  A special 3-way valve allows the Chiltrix unit to automatically provide high-efficiency water heating by taking a brief pause from its current duties of space heating or cooling, quickly bring the DHW (Domestic Water Heating) tank back to the target temperature, and then resume its former task of space heating or cooling.

This feature leverages the high COP of the heat pump unit and provides water heating between two and four times more efficient than electric water heating.

Note that a standard electric water heater has a coefficient of performance of 1.0, meaning that it is 100% efficient. 1 kW of electrical input gives 1 kW of heat output. Sounds good, but not really. Any heat pump water heater including Chiltrix will have a coefficient of performance of between 2 and 5 (200% to 500% efficient) depending on outdoor temperature. That's why heat pump water heaters are becoming popular.

Typically seen as a European approach to water heating, the Chiltrix DHW multi-function method allows your heating/cooling system to perform double-duty as a water heater. And the Chiltrix method can be far better than using a typical USA-style stand-alone heat pump water heater because the "cooling" side of the heat pump water heating system is outdoors and does not rob heat from the inside during winter.

The heating function can be used with Chiltrix in a ducted design, with fan coils, with radiant heating, or with any combination of the above. Fan coil diagram with water heating shown below.

heat pump water heating diagram with hydronic heat pump chiller


As with any heat pump system, capacity and efficiency drop when outdoor temperatures drop. The heat exchanger tanks below include a backup resistance heating element and thermostat (1500w) for use when outdoor temperatures are below 17F. The element/thermostat can be replaced for higher capacity (up to 5500w) if desired (around $25 at Home Depot).

Single Coil Stainless Steel Hot Water Tanks  
Heat Exchanger Tank, stainless steel, 1x single-wall coil, backup element, 40 gallons*  
Spec Sheet 40 Gallon Heat Exchanger Tank  
Heat Exchanger Tank, stainless steel, 1x single-wall coil, backup element, 52 gallons*  
Spec Sheet 52 Gallon Heat Exchanger Tank  
Heat Exchanger Tank, stainless steel, 1x single-wall coil, backup element, 79 gallons*  
Spec Sheet 79 Gallon Heat Exchanger Tank  


Adding DHW generally requires adding a Chiltrix booster pump and always requires adding a Chiltrix DHW valve.

Also available is a smaller 26 gallon version, and larger tanks of 105 gallons. Call for details.


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