CX34 Small Heat Pump Chiller
Heating & Cooling For Home or Office

Home. office or residential small chiller heat pump air conditioner  

3 Tons Heating / 2.0 Tons Cooling

Stackable to create systems of 2 ,4, 6 Tons, etc
IPLV 26,150 BTU Cooling / 33,813 BTU Heating


Flexible Design Options:
Mini-split / Ductless, Central Ducted, or
Integration w/ Floor Heat, Boiler or Solar Thermal

CX34 Outdoor Unit (ODU)
Ultra-High Efficiency -  Can use less power than a 30 SEER Heat Pump.


Connect up to 8 indoor units.

Low Ambient Ducted or Ductless (Mini-Split) Heat Pump Air Conditioner Chiller
Highest Efficiency Heating and Cooling

See efficiency comparison of Chiltrix to leading air-to-water heat pump manufacturers 

Comparison Chart      IPLV Explained
We used every trick in the book and then some to create the Chiltrix heat pump chiller. This is the AHRI-Certified small heat pump unit of the future that is very easy to install and eliminates all lineset length issues. Cooling or heating is transported via simple water/glycol lines. The outdoor unit is completely self-contained. Just add power and connect the water lines. The indoor units are also very simple to install, just add power, connect the water lines, and connect a condensation drain line.  The CXI series DC-Inverter fan coil units are the quietest fan coil units on the market. Shown to the right are various indoor unit options, available in various sizes from ~1/4 ton (3,400 BTU) up to 1 ton (12,000 BTU). Larger indoor units can be special ordered. More indoor fan coil unit details are here. Up to 8 indoor units can connect to a single CX34. It also has options to easily connect to ducted/central systems, boilers, and hydronic / radiant heating systems.

AHRI certified chiller mark 550/590

FREE WATER  HEATING!   Get up to 70% of your annual water heating energy for free.
heat pump chiller controller main screen- psychrologix   Psychrologix™ Controller offers DHC (Dynamic Humidity Control) function to dynamically control humidity and operate the chiller well above its already high IPLV efficiency rating.  Controller dynamically manages compressor speed, pump speed, fan speed, loop temperature, and more. Includes many automated chiller control functions. See Details.

Anti-Corrosion technology is used on all outdoor units, protects against salt air in coastal environments. See anti-corrosion technology details.


High cost power got you down? This system can use less power than what a SEER 30 system would use. It's perfect for high cost power locations or solar applications and for any home owner or small business that wants to provide reliable and low cost cooling and heating.

COOLING: What makes an ultra-efficient air conditioner? . What really makes an air conditioner stand out is how it performs under part-load conditions, which is the strength of chiller systems in general and an area where the Chiltrix chillers beat the competition. The CX34 has an AHRI-Certified IPLV of EER 23, this means that the average rated efficiency in cooling mode is 675% (COP 6.75)

HEATING: The CX34 is well above average with up to 392% (COP 3.92) heating efficiency. Learn more about our chiller efficiency and technology.

MODBUS Interface, offers available (DHC) Dynamic Humidity Control. All prior CX systems are forward compatible for MODBUS and/or DHC upgrade.

Contact Us        See How Chiltrix Chillers Compare To Leading Competitors      CX34 Specifications Sheet

CX34 replaces CX30. Specifications subject to change without notice. Images are representative only.



Indoor Unit (IDU)

wifi logo
Optional WiFi
Fan Coil Units

Low-Mid Wall

wall mount chiller fan coil ultra thin

Super quiet low wall or floor unit above. Shown with leg kit below.

Floor - Free Standing

floor standing chiller fan coil unit


High Wall

high wall chiller fan coil for ductless minisplit chiller

The HW72 high-wall fan coil unit looks like a standard mini-split indoor unit. This unit is designed for a chiller, includes remote control. 208-240v 50/60 Hz AC motor.


ceiling mounted fan coil unit

Chiltrix DC-Inverter Ultra-Thin CX series FCUs are built for universal mounting, they can mount on the ceiling, wall, or floor.

For Ducted Systems
: Chiltrix is compatible with most standard hydronic air handler including FirstCo shown below. Consult with us for sizing and compatibility.

firstco vmb hydronic air handler